Lightsaber lampada da parete lineare

It is hard to imagine something more beautiful than the turning up of light in the dark


Technical and functional light applied to a fresh, contemporary and extremely versatile image in terms of application and emissions. a linear product that satisfies those who require maximum performance and simplicity of installation, smart and efficient.

Outdoor Linear in painted aluminum declined in 4 standard sizes and equipped with two types of emission sources: a Mid power LED which offers soft and medium light beams with powers between 8W and 32W available in low voltage 24V or 220-240V. The Power LED version offers a series of technical linear lights with powers between 12W and 50W with punctual optics that include narrow, medium and asymmetrical beams. The engineering of the structure with external housing of the power supply is made to contain the temperatures, the adjustable fixing brackets on the body make this linear product easier to use. a smart solution is the fixing on the spyke which offers a solution among projectors, connection kits are available for installing several products in series.