Let there be light

Fond of lighting

Design engineered and manufactured in Italy

Diomede is born to bring light to the people. A workshop peopled with digital renaissance craftsmen; fond of such a dynamic light, capable to reduce in a unique and essential movement engineering’s necessities, design bursts, and architectural stunts.

Flai, indoor/outdoor luminaire

Acronym of Fonte Luminosa Autonoma Itinerante. It is a manifesto about the freedom to personally experience either indoor and outdoor lighting.
A philosophy presented by Diomede.

FLAI is a concept of contemporary itinerant light, it expresses the new domestic nomadism. The user is nomad and demanding, he does not want limits, he does not have a fixed seat but he wants to be well served.

FLAI is a versatile, free and portable light. FLAI does not lead to the discovery of a place but to the re-discovery of a space.

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Entrap through lighting the flame that sprinkles the emotion high, and the spark that should never fade away, fighting for that meaningful vertigo that runs through your veins into your heart.

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Diomede Light