cUV Defense light

UVC portable sanitizer indoor lamp. Ultraviolet light in the UVC band destroys 
the DNA bonds of viruses and bacteria: it is therefore the effective solution 
for sterilizing and sanitizing environments and objects.

Technical Information cUV Defence lighter


2 PIR security sensor
360° emission
3 different operating timer
30‘’ delayed start
90% germicidal efficiency
0% ozone emission
replaceable lamp
253,7nm UV wave lenght
2mt cable lenght, Schuko plug



It is commonly known that UVC Rays are harmful for eyes and skin of Humans and animals, for this reason We equipped cUV with several safety devices to avoid Rays exposure


– Two session to switching on cUV: “power” button to trig the device, a LED will warn you, a second button to select the operating time must be pressed (30’,1h,2h) the delayed start is now activated.
– 2 PIR sensor (a main and a secondary which turns on in case the first is not working)
– In case both of PIR won’t operate, cUV won’t turn on at all.
– Delayed 30” start allows the user to step away from the device before it turns on, a buzzer warns until the 30’’ end.
– At the end of the operating time set, the dive will turn off automatically.


Sanitizing function for all environments, without chemical


— The ultraviolet radiation germicidal lamp, can be used in all type of indoor environments where a fast, safe and non Chemical disinfection is needed.
— It is a type of disinfection, everyday used in the hospitals with powerful professional medical devices. Can you imagine a device of common use, such as a lamp, that could take maximum sanification in your rooms, common areas, waiting rooms, offices, shops, wellness centers and even in your own house.


The lamp has a fixed power emission, therefore it is possible to select the irradiation time according to the volume of the room to be treated.


– 30 min for Areas up to 5 sqm
– 1 hr for Areas from 5mq to 15sqm
– 2 hrs for Areas over 15sqm


In your own house or shop an easy portable device for user and maximum sanitizer efficiency.